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The camping spirit takes over the garden

The camping spirit takes over the garden

Camping is making a comeback among vacation accommodation solutions. And the garden at home does not fail to be inspired by this trend by borrowing its codes that make us feel on vacation. A quick overview of the camping spirit to adopt at home!

The famous camping table

Ikea For a friendly atmosphere, you can reclaim the famous camping tables in the garden (robust garden tables that can also be found in rest areas. The good news is that even children have their own dedicated model.

Easy-to-live furniture

Ikea At the campsite, the furniture found by the pool must be practical and easy to live with. We are inspired by these requirements for the garden and we offer light garden furniture that is easy to move but also easy to clean like these smooth plastic models.

The spirit tries

Ikea What would camping be without a tent? In the garden, we avoid planting the sardines but we opt instead for a large garden tent which will accommodate a small garden furniture while protecting it from the sun.

Picnic is chic

Alinéa To settle in the garden in a friendly way, we take inspiration from the picnic and spread a large tablecloth with a few floor cushions. Sunbeds are also welcome to avoid sitting on the floor.

Sleeping bag furniture

Gardens, Garden For the garden, you can bet on an incredible soft sofa to be modulated as desired using straps to make a mattress, a comfortable armchair or any other shape according to your needs.

Folding chairs

Lafuma Perfect for camping, these pop up armchairs also find their place in the garden for lounging comfortably under a tree or for sunbathing on the terrace. Their canvas is easy to maintain and everything is very resistant.

A hammock in the garden

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic At the campsite, what a pleasure to stroll in a hammock for a little nap. In the garden, it's the same! We install a model between two trees to take advantage of the good weather and the calm of the outside.

Textiles to settle on the ground

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic To take advantage of the garden at low cost without it being complicated, textiles are your allies. Floor cushions, comfortable mattresses and soft beanbags will then be real accessories to enjoy the summer.

A barbecue worthy of the name

Castorama Finally, to eat in the garden as we do at the campsite, we equip ourselves with a great barbecue that will offer convivial meals with family and friends.