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Practice the mezzanine!

Practice the mezzanine!

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You have probably already dreamed of being able to push the walls of your apartment or your house to have an extra room ... And if your dream came true by using the height under ceiling to install a mezzanine. Practical and functional, you can also give it the function of office, playroom, bedroom or even bathroom. To finish convincing you, here are 10 photos that are sure to inspire you.

Cooking comes first

Rather original this kitchen and this dining room which are found on the mezzanine. To still have light in these two living rooms, we install large bay windows at their height. Successful bet !

An office area

What if the mezzanine becomes your work space at home? In front of the window to have a little light, we install a desk and some storage. More fun than having it in the living room, right?

A children's room

Under the roof, you can arrange a small mezzanine to create a child's bedroom. This will become their sleeping area, but they will still have to be given a small place in the living room for their moments of play.

Used in playroom

The mezzanines are sometimes revealed to have low ceilings. A peculiarity which is not to displease the children who will be able to create a real play space for them. You can even arrange for them a small colored TV corner where they will enjoy watching all their favorite cartoons.

Transformed into a bathroom

Rather than having a tiny bathroom on the ground floor, you might as well optimize the mezzanine to have a larger one. You can even install a bathtub in a corner!

Small Zen space

The mezzanine can also be transformed into a small cocoon of well-being conducive to rest and relaxation. Arranged with some low wooden furniture and a Zen look, you dream of settling there to read a book, don't you?

A large library

If you don't have the space to put a large bookcase in the living room, but all your books overflow here and there, create their custom storage on the mezzanine. The space is then optimized without cluttering the other rooms.

To install a bed

Having a small, high-ceilinged apartment is not for everyone. If you are lucky, take the opportunity to create a small mezzanine which will then become your bedroom. No more nights on the living room's sofa bed!

A second TV corner

The advantage of having a mezzanine is that you can create a second TV corner in the house. While Monsieur is watching football downstairs, you just have to go upstairs to watch your favorite decor shows!