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Mobalpa iPractis: no room for clutter

Mobalpa iPractis: no room for clutter

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The arrangement is not a question of will, the arrangement is above all an organization. When you know exactly where the objects should be stored, the net space is much easier to keep. All that to say that storage is above all storage. With the iPractis system from Mobalpa, discover how you can transform simple drawers into veritable caves of Ali Baba (finally Mobalpa).

Optibox boxes

Mobalpa We improve the storage space of the drawers by taking advantage of their height. With the Optibox boxes, you insure on several levels and save space. All while preserving the concern for aesthetics thanks to the premium ceramic finish. Set of 2 Optibox ceramic storage boxes: 49 euros

The integrated unwinder

Mobalpa Nothing is more detestable than the roll of aluminum foil lying around! We store and forget everything with this unwinder integrated in the drawer. Aluminum dispenser or food film: 49 euros

The cutting board

Mobalpa Same fight for the breadboard! Although essential, it is preferred to be tidy rather than occupying the entire space of the worktop. Polyamide cutting board: 39 euros


Mobalpa In large kitchen mode, we appreciate the rapid availability of spices and condiments. Nothing to move, we keep a little more time to taste. Ceramic spice and condiment ramekin, transparent cover: 35 euros.