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Spring sowing for your garden

Spring sowing for your garden

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It's time to plant the first spring seedlings. Here are our tips and techniques to start planting your vegetable garden! Once sown, all you have to do is wait for the seeds to rise ...

Ground vegetable tank

Truffaut ### From mid-March, you can start sowing in the open ground (outdoors). This planting method is mainly used for crops of fairly short durations. It works with hardy plants, certain flowers and vegetables.

Salad vegetable bin

Truffaut ### Among seedling planting techniques, it can be planted in a row. We stretch a piece of string from one end of the plot to the other and draw a furrow using a pickaxe, for example along the string (so that it is straight). Vegetable seeds (carrots, salads) are placed in the furrow, more or less deep depending on the type of culture.

Rectangular vegetable bin

Truffaut ### For sowing on the fly, seeds are scattered over a given area with a wide arm movement. This is the ancestral technique of traditional sowers but you can also use a seeder to help you, or plant the seeds by hand.

Mini greenhouse

Truffaut ### Finally, the seedlings in packets mainly concern the cultivation of large seeds such as melons, squash, peas. Here again we trace a furrow in which we will place the seeds in small packages spaced enough to allow the vegetables to develop.