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The children's room makes its star

The children's room makes its star

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You don't have to be a star child to have a real star bedroom. Our ten commandments so that singers, DJs and aspiring dancers can take themselves seriously, and make their future profession a dream playground.

Rule n ° 2: an improvised podium

Ikéa After the dance floor, the podium! Because when singing on an improvised platform (a low piece of furniture wedged between two more imposing pieces of furniture), karaoke breaks double in effect.

Rule # 3: star patterns

Ikea Stickers starred on the ground, very pop mouths covering a set of cushions and bed linen adorned with trendy glasses. Or how to use decorative patterns to combine the phrase "I'm a star" in the decor.

Rule n ° 4: party accessories

Ikea A garland of multicolored balls, see flashy, we needed that to sow a festive atmosphere in the room! Thanks to her, even all the non-birthdays in the world more than ever make you want to have fun and make people crazy…

Rule n ° 5: a fashion corner

Ikéa Impossible to want a star room without devoting a 100% fashion space to it. The right idea? Divert seam dummies into stylized coat racks to hang necklaces, scarves and others… Glam 'no?

Rule n ° 6: accessories that shine

Ikéa A Leds or ribbons, table and mirror are bright! The idea: deploy the bling style ad infinitum.

Rule n ° 7: a mirror ball

Ikéa On the ceiling, no suspensions, but mirror balls! Much more festive and "hype" as lighting at a time when the child's bedroom is only thinking of partying.

Rule n ° 8: a music corner

Ikéa To sing, dance or mix, impossible to do without a music corner! Deck, radio, stereo, old deck, mp3, all options are good to take. Music, DJ!

Rule n ° 9: a fluorescent decoration

Ikéa Dark blue walls and bed linen and a fluorescent coat, that's perfect for marking the inspiration "nightclub" in the bedroom ... Add to that arrows like "play", "pause", headphones perched on the wall, and voila.

Rule n ° 10: high-tech walls

Ikéa We continue the saga of light accessories with this schedule version of wall lights at Leds. It's graphic, it's high-tech, it's unusual and trendy, in short, it's very star.


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