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Chic, coasters and trivets are unusual!

Chic, coasters and trivets are unusual!

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The table agreed to show us its undersides, and it did not disappoint! Fashion, quirky, funny, inventive or ironic, his coasters and coasters dare everything, for better and for worse…


Neest Here are coasters that don't look like them! Normal, they decided to adopt the "donuts look" to deliberately mislead us and bring in a gourmet atmosphere at the table. WE love !

Game of dice

C What In bulk or wisely aligned in a square, this dice collection forms a designer and crazy trivet. Unusual style when you hold us!


Atypyk Favorite for this chic optical illusion: a coaster in the shape of a mini puddle, just to make us believe that we have inadvertently spilled its content!


Atypyk In the shape of a wooden crucifix, this trivet nicknamed "Christ That's Hot!" (God is hot!) Is suitable for lovers of quirky objects as well as lovers of English humor!


Reine Mère Under the teapot and the cups, a silhouette of bare trees discreetly looms ... A small dose of charm and naturalness that sublimates the table with originality!


Ferm Living Cork balls assembled to form a pretty round, this is a trivet that could be more on the side of decorative accessories than essential table side!


Ferm Living Four walls and a roof. This is the shape cut from this raw wooden board serving as a trivet. Adorable little house!


Vipp Attention, the variable geometry makes its entry at the table! In the spotlight, a stainless steel hoop-shaped trivet, graded using silicone serrations. Archi masculine!


Atypyk Tribute to breakfast enthusiasts with this trivet in gilded wood molded like a slice of brioche. Mmm! The perfect ally to whet your appetite.