Picnic break on the holiday road!

Picnic break on the holiday road!

If you are about to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation, this selection of accessories to have in your car for an improvised picnic break should interest you…

A side table

Ikea Extra flat when stored, it slides into a corner of the trunk of the car. Once unfolded, it becomes really practical when you don't like having lunch on the grass. It is the folding table accompanied, it is better, by two equally foldable chairs. And the nomadic attitude is ours!

A diverted suitcase

Geneviève Lethu In the trunk of the car: our luggage. In the middle of these, a pretty suitcase not dedicated to our wardrobe but to picnic breaks! Very stylish…

Colorful plastic boxes

Ikéa In order to enjoy a gourmet break before arriving at your destination, it is difficult to do without pretty colorful boxes where to store fruits and vegetables. Since the holidays are launched, we prefer yellow or green models that make us see life in color!

Soft cushions

Artiga During the trip, the extra cushions allow us to lean more easily against the window, and to close our eyes for a few moments (or a few hours). During the lunch break, they decorate the picnic area with an extra touch of comfort. Obviously, we are for!

A ground sheet

Botanic Any self-respecting picnic has its dedicated tablecloth or carpet! After all, without him, having lunch (on the grass) on a motorway service is much less attractive.

Holiday dishes

Geneviève Lethu It's true, plastic plates take up less space than conventional plates in our already loaded cars. But admit that transporting special holiday, beach and coconut dishes is 10 times more connected!

A chic basket

Zara Home On vacation, the baskets are very useful for carrying lunch or an aperitif wherever we want. So why not take advantage of it on the day of departure, on your way to vacation? And why not choose this basket in a very chic style?

A retro radio

Geneviève Lethu For a musical lunch break, don't forget to bring a radio! Let yourself be tempted by a retro, hyper trendy model… Maestro music!

Pretty gourds

Geneviève Lethu In summer, quenching your thirst becomes vital. Especially when the journey is long! To remedy this, we fill up on gourds that keep our drinks cool, and preferably, we choose them in a very designer style. We are decorative to the end!