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Jeanne's 10 Scandinavian inspirations

Jeanne's 10 Scandinavian inspirations

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The Scandinavian style has anchored its Nordic roots in our homes. Become affordable, it makes us live to the rhythm of people from the north who, it is well known, know how to take care of their interior. Between wood, fur and tender colors, discover my 10 decorative inspirations to perfect this style.

A word to know: Hygge

Luxo Living "Hygge", which is pronounced "ugue", is a Danish word which dates from the 18th century and which means something like "well-being, pretty and intimate". It is difficult to find a precise translation for it because it means more a pleasant and beautiful feeling.

A destination: Stockholm

Stockholm This is my destination again this summer. The Swedish capital is a pleasant city where you can take the time and where nature has its rights. Composed of small islands, the city offers a pleasant setting for walking, shopping and feasting on local specialties.

An object: animal skin

Jippi From the animal skin from Ikea at 12.99 euros to the real reindeer or sheep skin of the Norwegian brand Jippi, it remains an essential in any Scandinavian style decor. It follows you everywhere and can be installed as well on an armchair in the living room, a bench outside, at the foot of the bed or even hang on the wall.

An atmosphere: a Scandinavian bedroom

Maisons du Monde The bedroom is particularly suitable for the Scandinavian style. Using soft and warm materials associated with pastel and clear shades, it remains as pleasant as a dream.

A piece of furniture: the daybed

Orla Kiely My last favorite goes straight to the furniture that is called daybed. On the border between a bed, a small sofa, a chaise longue and a storage unit, I love its modular, simple, elegant and terribly Scandinavian side with its rigorous and simple lines.

An editor: Muuto

Muuto Muuto means in Finnish "new perspectives" and like his name, the editor reinterprets Scandinavian design by bringing a contemporary vision to objects! The pieces are both modern with an anchor in tradition. An assumed alloy that speaks to me!

A place: the Swedish Institute

Swedish Institute The Swedish Institute in Paris, 11 rue Payenne in the third arrondissement is a unique place which organizes exhibitions, concerts, meetings to promote Swedish culture. Its little extra: a pleasant courtyard and a Swedish café open to the public.

A color / material: marble

All of Piece Rather than a color I preferred to speak of matter. Marble doesn't leave me marble. White preferably with black veins, it illuminates the material as well on objects as on furniture!

An exterior, even small, 100% hygge

Ikea Take care of your outdoor space by planting it. As small as it is: terrace, balcony or even a simple window sill may be enough to give a breath of fresh air to our city interiors. The goal is to invite the eye to escape and create a new vanishing point in your decor.