Small kitchen, big decor!

Small kitchen, big decor!

Central part of the habitat and those who live there, the kitchen must be a warm, friendly and functional space. Kitchen island, American bar, kitchen integrated in the living room or modular, in different colors and materials, the kitchens are adorned with their finest attire to meet everyone's tastes and budgets.


Alinéa An equipped kitchen without breaking the bank? This is possible thanks to the Wind self-made kitchen consisting of high and low furniture in white panels. Its very sober style will bring elegance and simplicity to your space.

A geometric kitchen

Darty Favorite for Darty's spicy cuisine. Lacquered textures, black ceramic worktop, cooking pole with a square hood and multifunction central washing island make this kitchen a real professional kitchen. An ultra design result for a graphic and functional kitchen.

All in one

Siematic Aesthetic and harmonious, the Urban Cube cuisine has everything it needs! Its ultra-compact shape, combined with its extreme modularity and its great functionality makes it an ideal solution for small areas. We fall for its pure and elegant lines and its minimalist side.

Discreet and practical

Darty Esprit loft for this ultra-compact and functional small kitchen with trendy and modern colors. We like the way each millimeter of space has been optimized. Special mention for the bottom cabinets which cleverly hide a fridge, a dishwasher and a trash drawer and the sliding unit.

Small budgets

Moderna A small kitchen in a small, well-appointed space is possible thanks to the Moderna kitchenette. Its advantages ? Its low price and its stainless steel wall protection which prevents any splashing on the wall and can be used as a condiment shelf.

Space optimization

Castorama A smart kitchen that has optimized space by making the most of the walls and focusing on the total white look to give an impression of space. A small contemporary air well asserted!

Island kitchen

Castorama Looking for a practical and design island to decorate your kitchen? We immediately put on the Castorama kitchen island which brings together work plan, table, sink, hob, fridge and oven. Well-thought-out, up-to-date cuisine.

Open Plan

Purpose The kitchen is now invited in the other rooms. Design and functional, the Convivia kitchen removes all spatial limits and allows you to optimize the space of your small apartment with ease.


G&B Sit quietly with a drink, chat with your guests while we prepare the meal is possible thanks to this sublime black lacquered bar. An essential ally for small kitchens, it will open up your kitchen while skillfully delimiting the space if it is open to the living room.