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A woody touch on the walls for a "cabin" effect in the house

A woody touch on the walls for a "cabin" effect in the house

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Won by the "Robinson Crusoe" effect, these 10 decorations have dressed their 4 wooden walls. Wenge, gray wood, blond wood, bleached wood: whatever the species, the objective achieved is the same. The feeling of having made a nest in a cabin perched in the trees…

Whitewashed paneling

Ikéa Here, the walls, paneled with bleached wooden planks, are not the only ones to play the role of a "cabin" type decor. The kitchen area, completely uncovered and simply equipped with a worktop and basic wooden shelves, is indeed for many…

Wood profusely

Blanc des Vosges Its cabin style, this bedroom owes it to the uniformity preserved between the headboard and the wall, both dressed in the same blond wood. An extension that subtly amplifies the feeling of being in a 100% natural setting…

Nordic hut

Ferm Living Blades of wood with clearly visible grooves, thinned and arranged in a row, vertically: this is the happy medium for nesting in a cabin atmosphere both authentic and modern.

Poetic hut

Blanc des Vosges Woody poetry in this room flourishing on a very clear paneling background, which a tree trunk diverted unusual support for books, only amplifies.

Cabin bathroom

Ikéa By revamping its walls with wooden panels, even the bathroom plays a chic cabin! Her little extra? Let your imagination run wild! If that’s not the freedom of a Friday and wild life decor…

Contemporary cabin

Ikéa Proof that the cabin style can also be suitable for designer interiors: this kitchen, whose contrast between the black lacquered furniture and the thin strips of varnished varnished wood making up the splashback, works wonders.

Intense softness

Ikéa Between the white accessories dotted with black touches and the blond wood-colored walls, the chemistry is perfect. Its strong point? Reveal a space fully dedicated to sweetness…

Chalet spirit

Ikéa Chalet-style cabin atmosphere. This is the guiding theme of this office space, whose mountain wood paneling has been wisely affixed horizontally.


Ferm Living By adopting vertical paneling in dark wood, this room has positioned itself with more temperament on the "cabin" style. Add to that a super graphic harlequin effect linen, and the initial idea doubles in efficiency!


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