10 practical pieces of furniture for the bathroom

10 practical pieces of furniture for the bathroom

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The bathroom is not always the size we would like! So to optimize space, you can always opt for practical and clever furniture that makes the bathroom easier to live with. Discover in pictures some furniture that can make a difference.

A cabinet above the washing machine

Ikea In order not to lose the space above the washing machine, be aware that there are clever pieces of furniture that slip on your appliances to save you storage space.

Furniture between furniture

La Redoute To optimize storage taking into account the furniture or elements already present, you can use a narrow trolley on wheels that will slip into a small unused space.

A piece of furniture to add to the sink

La Redoute If you do not have the option of choosing a washbasin cabinet, you can still equip yourself with a dedicated storage unit that fits under the traditional sink. You can then store some accessories and linens.

A mirror that also serves as storage

Decotec Above your washbasin, you can opt for a mirror like a medicine cabinet which can discreetly contain some beauty accessories and medicines.

A mirror with shelves

Paragraph If you prefer your accessories to be visible, prefer a mirror with a few shelves so you can store your products there, but also use this space for decorative objects.

A vanity unit that serves as storage

Alinéa To optimize storage while providing a very decorative style to the bathroom, you can bet on a vanity unit that looks like a real piece of furniture with many shelves for accessories and linens.

A cabinet with lockers

Paragraph When choosing your washbasin cabinet, remember to choose a model that optimizes the storage surface. Consider opting for drawers or storage lockers which will be very practical.

A mirror storage column

Delpha In this bathroom, we play the 2 in 1 card. The bathroom mirror is actually a storage cabinet for all the products in the bathroom.

Shelves in cupboards

Azur Lign Finally, to maximize the practicality of your furniture, do not hesitate to add small shelves which are fixed on the doors of your cupboards. You can then have the beauty products you use every day.