5 decorative places in France that change of scenery

5 decorative places in France that change of scenery

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No need to leave thousands of kilometers to know the scenery. In France in Paris, Arles or Marseille discover 5 mythical places with exceptional decoration that take us on a journey in the 1930s, 1950s, to Marrakech and Bangkok or to the incredible universe of great creators. Discover without further ado 5 not trivial addresses!

51 rooms available

Boudha Bar Paris The rooms respond to the same decorative sounds. Housed in an old mansion of the XXVIIIth century, they are all sumptuously decorated and are organized around a pretty tree-lined patio.

At the meetings of Arles photography: Le Jules César

Jules Cesar From July 7 to September 21, the meetings in Arles celebrate the city. A good opportunity to take a break at the newly renovated Julius Caesar under the artistic leadership of Christian Lacroix. ** Le Jules César ** 9 Boulevard des Lices, 13200 Arles From 107 euros

A decoration by Christian Lacroix

Jules Cesar This former Carmelite convent from the 17th century, Le Jules césar gave designer Christian Lacroix carte blanche for its new decoration. For this, he was inspired by the light of the region and a painting by the Réattu Museum in Arles.

Exoticism guaranteed at the Paris Mosque

Mosque of Paris A change of scenery in Paris is also on the agenda at the Mosque in the 5th arrondissement. Inner courtyard, pools, Moorish architecture are there to transport you to distant lands. ** The Paris Mosque ** 39 rue Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire 75 005 PARIS Free entry

The tea room

Mosque of Paris Mint tea, Arabic pastries mix the scents for an immediate uprooting from the first steps in the interior courtyard. As for the restaurant, it has a carved wooden decor that transports visitors to the gates of the Orient.

Passing through Paris: Le Molitor

Agence Nuel Gille Trillard Back in the 1930s at the Molitor swimming pool. Orchestrated by architect Jean-Philippe Nuel, this new trendy place was designed as a journey through time in part thanks to the preservation of its Art Deco character. A successful renaissance worth a look ** Molitor ** 13 rue Nungesser et Coli 75016 Paris

The gastronomic restaurant Molitor

Agence Nuel Gille Trillard Stamped Art Deco with its 1930s ceiling, "street art", however, dominates on the walls recounting another era that knew the place not so long ago. A period contrast that dialogues together for a decor that dares to confront styles.

The Cité Radieuse in Marseille

Cité Radieuse Located since 1952 at 280 boulevard Michelet in Marseille, the Cité Radieuse impresses with its exceptional dimensions and austerity. It was the fruit of 25 years of research for the architect in charge of the project: Charles-Edouard Jeanneret dit Le Corbusier. ** Cité Radieuse ** Apartment n ° 50 5e rue 280, boulevard Michelet 13008 Marseille

Apartment n ° 50

Cité Radieuse After Jasper Morrisso, the Bouroullec brothers and Konstantin Grcic, the Cité Radieuse opens its much coveted doors to the French designator, Pierre Charpin. The latter revisits one of the duplexes by staging it with the color that uses the exterior color code.