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Walk-in showers for inspiration

Walk-in showers for inspiration

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The single-storey design that characterizes walk-in showers is becoming more and more attractive. And for good reason ! The advantages are numerous, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Open to the bathroom, this type of shower gives it a harmonious look, facilitates access and maintenance. Now is the time to take a look at the different styles of walk-in showers. Here are a few to inspire you.

A minimalist bathroom

Wirquin Is your bathroom narrow? Do not panic, a walk-in shower with a single jet will slip perfectly into a corner of the room. To be able to personalize your space, the stainless steel bar has adjustable wall hooks ideal for small spaces.

A designer shower in a rustic style

Leroy Merlin In this rustic style bathroom, this chrome shower to attach to the wall will bring a touch of modernity without distorting the look of the room. As for accessories and bathroom linen, favor neutral tones in white or beige colors.

An open bathroom

Axor In a loft or a large apartment, the bathroom may not be a dedicated space but be located in a living room. In this case, it is better to choose a sleek walk-in shower with a transparent glass wall that will bring in more light.

Glass walls

Castorama This shower is very modern and will go well in all styles of bathroom. Remember to add a small wooden slab so as not to slip when you shower and pass a squeegee along the walls after each use so that traces of limestone do not form.

A designer bathroom

Leroy Merlin If you are a bit shy and are afraid of transparent glass walls, here is a good alternative. This shower space has a wall on which words are engraved, which gives a futuristic atmosphere to the room. The little extra? You can be two in the room without being shy.

A designer-style walk-in shower

Bath & Spa The aesthetics of walk-in showers in all their splendor. A single window gracefully separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, providing free access to the left and right. And to combine comfort with the beauty of the place, a rain shower head has been installed. Make way for a gentle waterfall to enjoy the relaxing moment of the day ... Ask for a bathroom quote

A discreet and clever bench

Espace Aubade In this walk-in shower in gray / blue tones, we built a very practical small bench. Nothing prevents us from sitting down at the time of the shower or making a shelf on which we have the bath products. You can even put your towel or the clothes you are about to put on, taking care not to point the shower head in this direction.

A walk-in shower protected by a glass door

Point P Installed as an extension of the bathroom, this Italian shower is both open and closed. The transparency of the glass door that surrounds it preserves the grandeur and harmony of the room as if there were no partition, and at the same time, the shower area thus protected preserves the heat given off by hot water jets. Notice to the chilly!

A space-saving walk-in shower

Espace Aubade One of the advantages of walk-in showers is the feeling of grandeur given to the bathroom thanks to their open look on the room. Here, in addition to this effect, we did not waste space to install the shower: by housing it behind the basin, we save space! And to sublimate everything, the white and beige color code bathes the space with softness and well-being.

The shower makes a partition

Espace Aubade Here is the ideal layout of a large bathroom that you want to divide in two to better distinguish the shower area and the bathroom area. A simple section of wall delimits the room, and it is not just any! It is indeed the walk-in shower. Thus, two people can take their shower and bath simultaneously while retaining some privacy.

An elevated walk-in shower

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, the walk-in shower saved a few cm2 when raised. Thus, we take advantage of its wall to install small storage furniture, a basket or why not toilets.

Under the roofs

Leroy Merlin Your bathroom is under the roof and you don't know how to optimize it to the maximum. Opt for the walk-in shower which takes place at the back of the room and whose access is much more convenient than a cabin.

Pure lines

Duka Lovers of simple lines and sleek design, this walk-in shower is made for you. With its sober walls and its stainless steel column, it has all the ingredients to harmonize perfectly with a contemporary bathroom. To bring it a little warmth, consider tiling its walls with a gourmet chocolate brown.

All white

BleuBleu To create a refined and soothing atmosphere in the bathroom, go for white even in the walk-in shower. Wall, basin and column play on sobriety to harmonize with the rest of the room and bring this pure atmosphere so much sought after.

With a wall in the middle

Leroy Merlin Funny layout for this walk-in shower composed of two entrances. Only a large glass wall, placed in the middle of these two openings, protects the rest of the bathroom. When the eccentric partition, it easily accommodates a small handy basin.

A Zen Italian shower

Leroy Merlin What we also like about walk-in showers is that they adapt to all our decorative desires. We fell in love with it in a natural and zen style with its mineral gray tiling and its brown wooden tray. It only remains to have a few relaxing candles here and there.

Hammam atmosphere

Hoesch Symbol of relaxation and oriental beauty, the hammam inspires well-being and serenity. So we adopt mosaic in its walk-in shower to recreate this atmosphere in the bathroom.

Provencal style

Leroy Merlin Do you prefer the Provencal style? It is also possible by tiling your walk-in shower with tiles with a traditional look and Mediterranean colors. Left open to the rest of the room, it still retains its intimate side with a large opaque partition.

With ease

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, the set of tiling on the wall made it possible to delimit the basin area from that of the walk-in shower. And to accentuate this demarcation, a very simple glass wall has come to settle.


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