The unusual decorative objects

The unusual decorative objects

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From afar, you hardly dare to approach to discover the thing. Up close, it's even worse! You can turn it and turn it, nothing to do it seems that this object is a UFO. A quick overview of the most unusual design objects.

Seaweed in the house

Vitra Sold in packs of 25, these small algae are clipped to each other. But what are they for? Screen or decoration, it is up to you to decide by combining colors and shapes.

The little black dress

Judson You can hang it in your closet, the trompe-l'oeil will be complete. From the front, yet another little black dress for your dressing room, when you get closer you discover that it is actually a storage unit.

Drink with moderation

Can stopper Practical, this small plastic object allows you to close your can. It adapts to the classic 33cl format and is reusable. Between pacifier and bottle cap, at first glance it was not easy to guess.

Rainbow in the office

Pa design If you are bored at work, put a little spice on your desk. These little rainbows stand out and are actually highlighters. To add color to your documents and amuse your colleagues.


My your Coming home but you don't know where to put your motorcycle helmet? Here is finally the solution, with this helmet holder. We even throw his keys inside his mouth to leave quiet the next day. When not in use, it will arouse the curiosity of your guests.

Crazy herbs

Umbra Thanks to its more rigid structure than it seems, you can fit what you want in this object: in the bathroom you put the toothbrushes in it, in the bedroom or the office put on his pens. Empty, the object becomes very intriguing.

At table

Karim Rashid At the writing, we too hesitated. From afar, it was believed to have discovered a new form of bottle opener. After much research, it is actually a stool, more specifically a bar, by designer Karim Rashid.

All at sea

Maximo Riera From behind, you wonder what this huge black mass is in the middle of the living room. Once, on the other side everything lights up: it is the Octopus armchair imagined by the designer, animal fan, Maximo Riera. Know that the beast exists in rhinoceros, walrus or mermaid tail version!

Straddling my ...

Pininfarina For the most trendy children, this new version rocking horse is the ideal gift. It will appeal to young and old alike, thanks to its leather handle. It should be noted that it is produced from a single piece of cedar.


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