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A display cabinet for the bedroom

A display cabinet for the bedroom

A closet that does not hide its content is the new trend of bedrooms wishing to revive the charm of the past. Here are 10 in "showcase", just to inspire you!

A textile display case

Ikéa The charm of the past based on flowery textiles, Vichy checks or a Jouy canvas version has gone astray in the bedroom. Decorated with a few rattan baskets, it has been carefully displayed in a display cabinet as if it were a museum.

A window for fashion accessories

Ikea Men and women can also count on display furniture to highlight their fashion accessories. This is the case with this suspended model, inside which the most beautiful models of men's caps make their stars!

A showcase for the most beautiful pairs

Ikéa Monsieur has his personal window? Madame too! Proof with this imposing shoe showcase putting on a pedestal, our pairs of well-informed fashionistas.

A showcase for bedroom linen

Ferm Living Cushions, bolsters, sheets and bed covers have made their nest in this pretty showcase, proud to take advantage of the decorative potential of its internal storage.

A showcase for bath linen

Ikéa Between the two windows of this master suite with an old-fashioned bathtub: a display cabinet in which towels, cosmetics and bathrobes are wisely stored!

A showcase as a chic tote

Ikéa Storage boxes, books, trinkets and stacked sheets: this display cabinet dares to mix to play the card of convenience.

An opaque showcase in the dressing room

Ikéa What if the display cabinet was none other than the dressing room? A closet with opaque panes revealing a glimpse of the wardrobe: we love it!

A showcase for household linen

Ikéa Here, all the linens that are shaking up: sheets, tablecloths, sofa cushions, plaids and others: the only rule is to get a tex-stylized display case!

A 100% transparent display case

Ikéa Ultimate transparency game for this showcase mixing objects and genres to make its interesting in the bedroom.