Safari spirit in my living room

Safari spirit in my living room

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Some fashions are timeless. Ethnic chic is one of them. Warm colors, effects of materials, animal prints, exotic plants… immediate boarding for Africa with our 10 ethnic inspirations for the show.

Lean against a carpet

Caravan We think it more often under our feet than behind our heads. And yet, the rugs sometimes hang on the wall, behind the sofa like a window open to the colors and the softness of the savannah.

Accessorize with ethnic objects

Maisons du Monde Some collect it, others display it in a subtle decorative touch, the elephant can go on and on. Choose it for example at the foot of the lamp placed on a wooden chest of drawers.

An armchair with a safari look

The Danish Boutique The armchairs must be comfortable but also have style to give to a room. For a safari effect, choose, for example, an armchair in this spirit: light wood mixed with a backrest and a seat in moss green fabric.

Walking on zebra You don't always need a chimney to treat yourself to animal skin. To change the leopard pattern, opt for the more modern zebra with its black and white stripes.

Apply trompe-l'oeil wallpaper If you haven't dared yet, it's time to get started! Put a trompe l'oeil wallpaper on a wall in your living room to rub shoulders with giraffes and wild animals at tea time. It will give depth and make your friends dream.

Like under the tent As in a lodge in the middle of Kenya, install drapes in your living room for an “Out of Africa” effect. Choose them solid, rather in white and off-white tones to let the light through.

Bet on the grounds

Maisons du Monde Want to escape? Harmonize the fabrics of the armchairs in your living room in an ethnic chic style to immediately give a return to Africa atmosphere.

A printed dresser

Maisons du Monde To change world maps, treat yourself to an adventurer-style dresser with an old map print.

Print on cushion

Delamaison If you want to give a safari color to your living room without leaving the big game, the cushions are a great option. Patterned or in the image of a leopard, zebra or tiger, the possibilities are endless.