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Save space: I use a Murphy bed

Save space: I use a Murphy bed

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Are you short of square meters? Think about this kind of installation. Clever, the Murphy bed considerably improves your interior by making it more livable and very functional. There are many types to arrange a sleeping area in a tight space. We let you discover our selection. Solutions to adapt to any room in the house.

At table !

Espace Loggia In a living room, and thanks to an innovative mobile tray system, you create a bedroom or a dining room. With a formwork integrated into the system, a side table for 4 people folds out. A practical and electric piece of furniture to move from one space to another without effort.

Behind the couch

Jacquelin Furniture Hidden by a sofa integrated into the module, this self-supporting Murphy bed folds down in one movement, while flexibility. Part of the front can be pulled out using the large, profiled handle to transform into a very solid and stable end table frame.

A real library

Jacquelin Furniture Folded up, this Murphy bed fits very easily into a living room. The side shelf units slide on the folding system to form a beautiful and large bookcase. In the same spirit, you can adopt a pivoting version. An invisible and practical integration, ideal for a loft!

A very soft space

Inside 75 Zen atmosphere in this room with a small - single - foldaway bed installed lengthwise. Reduced space planning is within your reach thanks to this transverse system! In the raised position, the bed remains in place and is discreet when passing for a small buffet or console.

For the office

Inside 75 Maximum freedom for this bed wardrobe which opens in a jiffy! With its tablet, you create a real workspace during the day and a small bed at night. The choice of color - almond green - gives the room character. We are far from unsightly foldaway beds.

Mixed with a dressing room

Clei During the day, this Murphy bed takes on the appearance of a simple wardrobe. It therefore goes perfectly with the wardrobe to which it is attached. Absolute discretion and space saving of course.

Duo for children

Espace Loggia So that brothers and sisters can share the same room without encroaching on the square meters, bet on two foldaway beds with a movable tray. The layout of the two spaces allows the installation of an office area and a relaxation area with a table and a bench respectively.

Another pair!

Clei Still for two children, we invest in bunk beds, and of course foldaway beds. The plus: the benches can be opened independently of each other. Thanks to this system, we increase the number of beds in the house, in two stages, three movements, and without losing space.

We take height

Clei Modern and design, this removable, space-saving bed is specially designed for a child's bedroom. The raised bed, and therefore accessible with a small ladder, leaves room for installing low storage. When it is folded up, it camouflages itself by taking on the appearance of a cupboard, in harmony with the entire piece of furniture.


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