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The fridge plays the decor

The fridge plays the decor

Tired of your old refrigerator? Change it for a more design or more colorful model. Not the means? Customize. Today, the fridge is no longer hiding - really - because there are many tips for having a model that will not denote in the kitchen. Here are 10 ideas to bring a superb decorative touch where you don't expect it!


Whirlpool As a real decorative piece, the fridge stands proudly in the house. Today, manufacturers understand the importance of combining aesthetics and functionality. With a sleek and modern design, this fridge freezer is installed in the center of the living room and completely assumes its lines.


Gorenje For a vintage look, we like 1950s style refrigerators. We prefer cream to remind our grandmothers' kitchens. You can associate it in total look, with a table and chairs fifties, or simply integrate it into a more contemporary kitchen, which will give an additional chic detail.


Marchi Cucine We still stay a little bit in the vintage spirit! With its anthracite gray tone, this very original refrigerator plays the star and will integrate perfectly into a kitchen where the other elements have already been hunted for years.


Marchi Cucine Nothing is left to chance in this kitchen! The hanging metal element that contains the hood and the storage compartment is a perfect match for the two-door refrigerator. All steel, and with riveted square plates, the fridge takes on a very raw look. Ideal for a loft spirit.


Dune All in harmony, this cuisine has fun with colors and in particular shades of blue. One of the central elements is the refrigerator, in agreement with the earthenware. It is also part of the same decorative object dynamic as this azure chair by the very famous Danish designer Verner Panton. Unbelievable !


Marchi Cucine This very elegant kitchen mixes the most modern solutions with the charm of the old. Curved lines and precious details, the fridge fits into all the appliances and blends soberly with the rest of the room thanks to a studied chromatic combination, mirror effect.


Alinéa You can bet on a more classic fridge, but choose it in chrome tones! Gray blends with everything and the reflective effect will bring more light to the room. Embedded in this contemporary kitchen, this American refrigerator is highlighted by the contrast with the rest of the design and by the agreement with the worktops.

Optical illusion

Leroy Merlin If, on the other hand, you prefer, rather than investing, to camouflage your current fridge, opt for the stickers! We already use them all over the house. These adhesives will dress your large refrigerator in no time. With a crag effect, as in this kitchen, your fruits and vegetables come directly from the producer. The plus: you are spoiled for choice and change as you wish.


Kvik Another idea: we use magnets! A refrigerator that is too simple in appearance can be revamped thanks to magnets - colored letters, photo frame, pushpin with message and drawing. You personalize your fridge by shaping its decor to your image.