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Set the table like in the country

Set the table like in the country

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While the crocuses bloom in the meadows and the trees are tinged with red and golden colors, we dream of escaping for a weekend in the countryside. By decorating the table with a country look, you almost believe you are there for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Small panorama of tables inspired by well-being and the sweetness of life that reigns in the great outdoors.

A country air at snack time

Luminarc ### To the delight of children, let's give the taste of the countryside a taste by letting the flagship accessories of our grandmothers decorate. On the program: red and white Vichy checkered tablecloth, polka dot plates and a few glass jars to keep cakes or cereals in the background. Served with a glass of milk and cookies, you are carried away in the time machine.

Like on the farm

Asa ### The obligatory detour when you spend a weekend in the countryside is the farm! This is precisely the destination to which this table decoration transports us. In the spotlight: the eggs that are laid there! Indeed, the creamy oval plates imitate them wonderfully, while real eggs are beautifully staged in a small bowl covered with a blade of grass. The wicker table set is a nod to the straw of chicken coops!

Country spirit, nature spirit

Villeroy & Boch ### Leaving for the countryside to breathe the fresh air, stroll in the fields and feel a wind of freedom… To transcribe all that evokes the rustic mood for lunch or dinner, we put on a decoration combining natural materials and green tones. Here, the very light wooden table is surrounded by woven resin chairs, while under the plates, two pair of place mats have been superimposed. The first is bud green, the second, narrower and curved on the sides, is made of wood. And to complete this two-tone bias, the pale green outline of the plates is adorned with delicate flowers. Unlimited freshness.

Tradition and simplicity

Luminarc ### Stoneware plates, striped napkins, red and white cups, a few ears of wheat, a basket filled with straw and egg: all the elements of a rustic table decor, typical of campaign, are there. It's the art of living with ease.


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