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Wood and metal marriage in the living room

Wood and metal marriage in the living room

There was a vintage air at Maison & Objet - the essential decoration fair - last September. Yes, period objects seem to have inspired the fall / winter 2011 - 2012 collections, with, at the forefront, the marriage of metal and wood. A trend to follow this season, especially in the living room, whatever the decor style!

Combining wood and metal in a natural living room

AM.PM ### The spirit of nature with 100% wood? More altogether. By giving a little space to metal, wooden furniture and accessories only get better and gain in modernity. This is the case with this coffee table with metal legs or the wooden square surmounted by a decorative metal tree. The rendering is called neo-natural, and we love it!

Wood and metal marriage in a workshop style living room

Goal ### In decoration, the workshop style is certainly the one that best embodies the marriage of wood and metal. Coffee table, shelf, storage trunk, clock or projector floor lamp: all adorn themselves with metal! Some structures even reveal the fixing nails to underline the industrial influence. But the other best ally of factory decor is also noticed in the living room. Wood indeed covers the walls, but also part of the table and the shelf. A double game that artists and studio enthusiasts never tire of!

Marriage of wood and metal in a charming living room

Maisons du Monde ### In a manor-style living room where the furniture, light fixture and floor are clad in gray wood, a few metal-colored touches can enhance the decor. At the corner of the fireplace and in the center of the room, the mirror and the coffee table with metallic finishes indeed bring a touch of character to this very pastel set.

Combination of wood and metal in a classic style living room

Maisons du Monde ### Wood and metal also go hand in hand in a classic and traditional living room. Two wooden bookcases line the walls and a lamp also in clad wood lights the sofa corner. The coffee table on glass wheels with metallic finishes breathes a touch of modernity, ideal for boosting this decor a little too wise.