Metal trend in the kitchen

Metal trend in the kitchen

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You will surely have noticed, at the moment, the trend is towards metal in the kitchen! Whether it is raw or shiny, shine in decorative accessories or it adorns your appliances, metal is everywhere. So let yourself be inspired by our 10 kitchens to see stainless steel life.

Metal and wood

Maisons du Monde Charming, this large kitchen perfectly combines metal and wood to create an atmosphere that is both harmonious and warm. What really makes us crack? The shades of aged wood, combined with the anthracite gray of the worktop and the tiles.

Between light wood and stainless steel

Conforama We literally fell for this cleverly designed living space. What appeals to us? The subtle marriage of metal and light wood in this open kitchen. Most " ? The central island and the large windows that let in light.

A touch of green

Alinéa In this kitchen, the metal trend is everywhere: suspension, oven, hood, refrigerator, shower faucet ... Attention to detail is even pushed to the pans, also made of stainless steel. And a hint of almond green enhances everything.

Spotlight on stainless steel

Ikea Here, we played the stainless steel trend thoroughly. From the fridge to the hood, through the oven, cupboards and shelves, everything is sparkling. Here is a kitchen that throws!

Metal and seat mix

Leroy Merlin In this modern kitchen, there are two trends for the price of one! And yes, here, we mix with style the metal trend (stainless steel hood and table, with the trend "mismatched chairs". Guaranteed effect!

Metal trend in all its forms

Marchi Cucine Spectaculaire seems to have been the watchword when designing this magnificent kitchen. Very contemporary, it fits perfectly into the metal trend with its vintage hood, its stove worthy of the greatest chefs, its table and its seats, here too, mismatched. The decorative detail that makes us crack? Slate walls.

Industrial style

Maisons du Monde Who says metal, does not necessarily say dark colors ... Quite the contrary! Here is a perfect example and a nice achievement with this colorful kitchen. You like ?

A beautiful stainless steel stove

Schmidt To give style to your kitchen, without switching to all stainless steel, favor an element of decoration. You have the choice: from the hood to the stove, passing by small appliances, like the kettle or the toaster for the more chilly among you.

Black, white… and stainless steel

Schmidt In this very contemporary-looking kitchen, household appliances see life in stainless steel. And, combined with black and white decorative elements, the metal trend is sublimated and takes on a whole new dimension.


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