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The new AM.PM Fall-Winter 2013 collection

The new AM.PM Fall-Winter 2013 collection

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The new AM.PM collection draws its style from the best that winter has to offer. Wraparound furniture, soft-touch fabrics, muted nuances. The inspiration is both classic but also contemporary. Close-up on the long awaited new collection of AM.PM…

Warm like a cocoon

AM PM In winter when temperatures drop, it is the decor that warms your interior. The light wooden furniture keeps a maximum of light and the soft fabrics take over after the summer months.

A colorful decor

AM PM The color never tires. It is a source of well-being for all those who adopt it. This season we bet on a spicy interior with yellow curry and eggplant violet.

The sweetness of the purity

AM PM For an atmosphere imbued with softness, imbued with lightness, bring in nature and bet on the soothing power of light colors. White, off-white and beige share the palette.

Asian influences

AM PM With Asian tones in colors and lines, this furniture is part of a resolutely contemporary trend. Do not hesitate to play the diversity card so that it finds its most beautiful expression.

And the kids in it all

AM PM As every year AMP develops a collection for toddlers. This season, count on the euphoric power of fluorescent yellow for a room that invites both games and sleep.

The neo-bourgeois style is looming

AM PM The trend seems to be confirmed, the neo-bourgeois style settles in the decor and distills its dark colors, its noble materials and its timeless classic side.

A duo decor of your tone

AM PM Gray continues to have its decorative effect. Enhanced with white, it loses its classic side for a more contemporary spirit. Punctuated, here a houndstooth cushion to enhance the contrasts.