Table decor plays with black and white

Table decor plays with black and white

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If fashion has succumbed to the black and white trend, the decor is not to be outdone! Black and white will also be one of the back-to-school trends that can be found even in the tableware. Result, the meals offer a chic graphic look to discover in pictures.

Summer black and white

Atmosphere & Styles Outside, the duo of black and white also works very well. For a summer table, we will bet on black table runners that we expose directly on the raw wood of the table and we have an elegant white tableware.

Graphic checkerboard

Ikea On this original table, we played with color oppositions by alternating a white tablecloth with a black tablecloth. For dishes, black is in the spotlight for a very chic set.

Soft black

Ikea For a chic and simple table, we can bet on a total black look. For everyday meals, we place black placemats on the dark table. We then put on a black tableware that we choose matte for more style.

Romantic black

Emiliebok 'Do you want a feminine table and think that black cannot match this atmosphere? Think again, just choose the right dishes. Here, we put on a black plate that is dressed in delicate white floral patterns.

An almost kinetic table

Fly On this white table, we came to affix plates that give movement to the table thanks to kinetic stripes. For an even more dynamic touch, a few notes of color settle on the glasses.

Black and simplicity

Paragraph For a simple black and white table, you just have to opt for black table linen that you will decorate with bright white dishes. It's simple and elegant at the same time.

Graphic in shape and color

Alinéa It is sure that the black and white couple does not fail to give a very graphic style to your table. To accentuate this effect, also think of shapes by changing round plates in favor of rectangular ones.

A black table

Alinéa If you have a black table, opt for white dishes and voila! You can then introduce a new color like gray or purple for a more original touch.

Traditional black and white Finally, be aware that the black and white duo does not only accommodate modern dishes. For a more traditional style, you will simply choose pottery dishes.