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10 ideas for kitchen design

10 ideas for kitchen design

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The kitchen can truly be considered the new nerve center of the house. We find ourselves there to cook, take meals or even work then as much to say that the arrangement of the kitchen must correspond to your lifestyle. 10 ideas to discover in pictures.

An L-shaped kitchen

Ikea If you see the kitchen as a kind of workshop where you can try new recipes but you don't want to be cut off from the living room, bet on an open L-shaped kitchen in a corner of the room. This will allow you to benefit from good light and a corner really yours despite the open space.

The cook's kitchen

Ikea Your passion? Receive your friends and impress them with your very best dishes. So, you need a kitchen that knows how to enhance your work. Opt for an open kitchen separated by a counter that will be like your stage so that your guests can watch you cook.

Cooking for all

Alinéa At home, your kitchen is a hybrid room because it is not uncommon for your children to settle there to do their homework while you are in the kitchen. So, bet on a spacious kitchen that is adorned with an XXL island with a dining / office area and a preparation area.

A kitchen at least

Alinéa Cooking for you is just for food, so there's no point in giving it excessive space! Prefer a simple kitchen which is installed on a wall and which leaves the rest of the room for another activity, whether it is the living room or the dining room.

A grocery kitchen

Goal For you, the kitchen is a piece of creation like a laboratory. Suddenly, you like all your groceries to settle in this room. Shake up the kitchen codes by choosing only a few kitchen furniture and decorate the rest of the room with open shelves.

Old-fashioned cuisine

Purpose For you, cooking is a real vocation and there is not a meal without your family tasting home-made starter / main dish / dessert. So, opt for a kitchen that is a real part of the house and install as much furniture as possible to meet your needs.

A hallway kitchen

Aviva For you, the kitchen is above all a room of passage where everyone parades for different activities. So think of the kitchen as a long corridor where everyone can find their place and move around easily.

A kitchen for meals

Conforama To take meals in the kitchen without encroaching on the preparation space, you can place kitchen furniture against a wall and opt for a central island. Little tip to separate the dining area from the kitchen atmosphere: we place it perpendicularly.

An original cuisine

Cuisinella Finally, if cooking is part of the life of the house for you, install it in the center of the living room and give it a bold shape that will make it the star of the house.