Small marble objects for the kitchen

Small marble objects for the kitchen

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Large brands or small creators, everyone has understood this, white marble is indeed back! At home, we fall for small objects, not always given, to stage in the kitchen. Mug, cheese board or bottle cap, discover our selection in pictures.

A bottle stopper

The Conran Shop You haven't finished the bottle of wine you started during dinner yesterday, and you are ashamed to bring it out this afternoon for lunch? No longer with this very elegant white marble stopper. 10.96 euros

A trivet

The Conran Shop We love this hexagonal marble trivet. Our decorative idea to have fun with him on the table: get a second one in black marble to create an original but chic decor. 69 euros

A mug

H&M Home To take your coffee in the morning or to taste a good afternoon tea with class, you get this mug with a white marble look as quickly as possible. Chic, right? 4.99 euros

A cheese board

The Conran Shop To impress your friends when you take out the cheese, bet on this white marble tray. Sure he will be envious! 99 euros

A pestle

Asdicount To grind the spices or prepare a good pesto, this is a utensil that will be essential. Its little extra decoration: it is made of marble and will have no trouble exposing itself in a small corner in the kitchen. 29.78 euros

A clock

Anna G's house In the kitchen, there is no question of neglecting the decor. To fully play the marble trend card, we put on this white clock that will sublimate any wall. 245 euros

A plate

H&M Home We can already imagine ourselves tasting delicious dishes in this ceramic plate with a white marbled pattern. Simply placed on a wooden table or on a dark place mat, it will create a very chic decor. 5.99 euros

A table set

The Conran Shop To make your table unlike any other this time, bet on placemats that don't seem like it. We are in love with these round marble models which are not likely to go unnoticed. 115 euros

A cutting board

Anna G's house You will be able to show off in front of your guests with this sublime white marble cutting board. Another advantage, posed against the splashback in the kitchen or suspended, it becomes a real decorative element. 23 euros


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