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10 tips to tidy up a small apartment

10 tips to tidy up a small apartment

Living in a confined space can be a real headache, even a challenge! But, at home, you never admit defeat and go out of your way to give you the best planning tips. Follow our advice to see more clearly and above all to put order in a small apartment!

Optimization from all angles

Leroy Merlin Whenever possible, we arrange every corner of the house. One thinks, for example, of using the lofts as a pantry for the kitchen or as a cupboard like cabinet in the living room.

From floor to ceiling

Ikea We use a whole wall section, and in its full height, to bring together all the storage space of the apartment - everyday and occasional objects. This idea thus saves space on the living space. And with the curtains, it's very easy to hide everything afterwards.

We delimit the spaces

Paragraph Even small, the apartment must have very specific areas. You will see more clearly there but only on the condition of letting the light circulate. No question of using furniture that is too heavy or completely blackout. Choose an open bookcase or a screen and also consider playing with the flooring!

Sleep perched!

Ikea When the height under the ceiling allows you, look no further and create a mezzanine at home! You will have the impression of living in a small duplex, like this one, irresistible in its Scandinavian style made of white and natural wood.

We free up the floor space

Ikea Once the mezzanine is installed, it is important to always be able to circulate easily in the apartment. For this, it is advisable to install the shelves in height and the hanging cupboards. With them, you will have storage capacity and much more floor space.

Smart furniture

Archea Modular or multifunctional, the furniture makes our life easier. Here, a walk-in wardrobe brings as much a sleeping area as a storage space. We also note that its accessibility is via a library staircase. All in 1!

Long live the rails!

Leroy Merlin Well known in small apartments, sliding doors are your best allies. They can be aesthetic but above all very practical by eliminating the travel surface.

An additional room

Loggia area Almost invisible during the day, the Murphy bed offers the possibility of creating a studio as a simple living room. Indispensable, it is the leading solution for small spaces.

Avoid the surplus!

3XA Finally, some compromises are necessary. Keep only the essentials! With a refined and modern decoration, without too many trinkets or other decorative flourishes, you free up the space more, but on the only condition of not being too sentimental.