Headboards for all styles in the children's room

Headboards for all styles in the children's room

Children lean against it to read a comic book or a novel before falling asleep, adults love them for their decorative side which never ceases to enhance the bed at a lower price. In short, we say yes to the headboards in the children's yard. It's up to you to choose the style!

A screen-printed headboard

La Redoute ### Giving style to the toddler bed is a gamble more than met with this screen-printed headboard! Curved allure of romantic style, white bars drawn on a fuchsia pink background: we love this original, playful and resolutely decorative accessory….

A light wooden headboard

Jardin d'Ulysse ### Thanks to this bleached wooden headboard decorated with a pretty heart, the bed takes on a romantic air in the little girls' room. With a fluffy plush, two pea and liberty cushions in the shape of a heart, we highlight this charming atmosphere inspired by the countryside…

A solid wood headboard

AM.PM ### In a sparkling room of colors, we put on a dark wooden headboard to play the contrast and accentuate the character of the room. This is a good example since it brings out the green Jade cushions being the same color of the walls.

A fabric headboard

AM.PM ### For textile lovers, there are linen headboards! Like the bed, it comes off to be machine washed. In other words, we dress it and change it according to the color and style of the different bed linens for total harmony!