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Products for the maintenance of trendy materials for the home

Products for the maintenance of trendy materials for the home

To meet the specific needs of new home materials, Libéron has developed a range of dedicated maintenance products. So, you will now find special products to clean, protect and maintain glass, stainless steel, waxed concrete, lacquered furniture or mosaics.

Maintain stainless steel

Libéron ### Whether you have stainless steel, aluminum or chrome, you have to preserve the shine and fight against traces. Prepare the surface using a degreasing shampoo (9.90 euros) to remove dirt. Then protect with an anti-trace treatment (14.90 euros) to avoid traces of water, fingers and grease. For daily maintenance use a special mild stainless steel cleaner (9.90 euros).

Maintain lacquered furniture

Libéron ### If you have lacquered furniture, you must maintain their sensuality and help them to stand the test of time. For this, Libéron offers an anti-trace treatment that will protect against fingerprints, water and grease while facilitating cleaning. (11.20 euros)

Maintain the mosaic

Libéron ### To ensure the hygiene of the mosaic in the bathroom, it is first of all necessary to remove mold. Prepare with a descaling shampoo joints (9.90 euros) then waterproof the joints with the anti-mold mold care (14.90 euros). Use the mild mosaic, pebble and earthenware cleaner daily (€ 9.90).

Caring for the glass

Libéron ### To prolong the shine of the glass shower screen, it is necessary to fight against lime. Opt for an anti-limescale shampoo (9.90 euros) which will remove deposits and then protect with an anti-limescale treatment (14.90 euros). Opt for a mild daily cleaner with restoring radiance (9.90 euros).