10 keys for a flea market style

10 keys for a flea market style

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The flea market style: you've been dreaming of it for a while, but you don't know how to get started and what to buy? The editorial team studied the question and compiled 10 tips for an assured recovery effect.

Trunk to the sea

Maison du monde Wicker baskets or small chests are becoming the house's new favorite storage spaces. They combine practical storage and trendy recycling for a flea market atmosphere guaranteed!


Maison du monde For a flea market decor atmosphere, the loft style is a good solution. We choose metal chairs, which we hunt for or find on the street. Their deteriorated condition gives them even more character.

Rediscovered comfort

Maison du monde Formerly known as a comfortable armchair, its name has evolved into a club armchair in reference to the private men's clubs of the early 20th century. The more they are weathered and worn, the more these leather armchairs will meet your demand for flea market style.

All on time

Maison du monde No excuse for arriving late with this large clock in the living room. If you buy it second-hand, remember to check that it still works!

Accordion lamp

Maison du monde You can easily find them at second-hand dealers and for all prices. Once at home you just have to connect them to the electricity and fix them to the walls. Tip: above a desk, you can combine two or three, for optimal visual comfort for working.

The design chair

Maison du monde The big names in design have made it possible to democratize it and extend it to all populations. Today, we can find objects inspired by great designers, such as this chair which reminds us of the work of Ray and Charles Eames.

Under construction

Maison du monde We come across it everywhere without realizing it, traffic signs can become a cheap decorative accessory for a recycled style.

Heathered furniture

Maison du monde In the flea markets, there are also pretty pieces of furniture, chests of drawers or sideboards. If they are too old, do not hesitate to sand them quickly and repaint them to give them a new youth. You can also buy them directly in store for even more simplicity.

Rolling table

Maison du monde With an old factory pallet and 4 wheels, you can quickly make a very practical coffee table. We can then customize it with stickers or paint or leave it as we found for a rougher appearance.