Animal trophies, a trend to follow around the house

Animal trophies, a trend to follow around the house

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The animal trophies are getting a bit of a bump in the decor, but rest assured, it's not about covering the walls with stuffed animal heads! Make way for daring and modernity. Now, the heads of deer, buffaloes, horses or elephants are porcelain sculptures, 3D stickers or silhouettes covered with beautiful fabrics. Suffice to say that from the living room to the bedroom through the entrance, we want more. A trend to follow…

A 3D sticker like a giraffe head for the children's room

Acte Déco and Emma Roux ### The duo Acte Déco and Emma Roux ask the stickers to line up with the 3D trend and the trophy trend to decorate the walls of the children's room. The result ? Playful and colorful animal heads like this pretty orange giraffe escaping from the wall. An irresistible innovative choice. Yes, the rather scary authentic beast trophies for kids seem far away.

A rhinoceros head in the room of the adventurers

Leroy Merlin ### Is your toddler passionate about natural sciences, animals and discovery? Under his air of cabinet of curiosity, this room signed Leroy Merlin should please him. Note that among the elements to remember, there is this rhino head that comes out of the wall, dominating the space as if to set the scene. Quirky but subtle.

Trophy-style wall hooks to personalize the entrance

Fly ### The trophies reinvented like wall hooks so that the entrance to the house looks like no other, that's an original idea. Dog, elephant, cow or horse, whatever it is, these porcelain animal heads are no longer content to energize the walls, they now combine aesthetics and utility.

A buffalo head to give a contemporary note to the living room

Maisons du Monde ### Let's revisit the chalet style to give it a more modern look. At stake ? Metal-colored objects that perfectly enhance the chocolate or light brown hue of wood and furniture. Here, the clean lines of this aluminum buffalo head signed Maisons du Monde has everything to sublimate to an authentic decor.