What color should I choose in the bedroom for my fall decor?

What color should I choose in the bedroom for my fall decor?

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The tide is turning. When you take out your boots, your umbrella and go into winter time, finding your cozy bed once night falls takes on a whole new dimension: you want it comforting and soothing at all costs, far from the cold outside. In other words, it's time to pick the right colors to warmly dress the room! Some surprise us with their soothing decorative power ... Demonstration.

Gray softness

Fly ### Thanks to a palette of gray shades from the lightest to the darkest, the bedroom becomes a real haven of peace. The sadness often associated with thunderstorms, cement or rain suddenly flies away to give way to elegance and softness. From the bed to the walls, from the velvet to the porcelain: we adopt gray without counting.

Brown trend

Fly ### If brown is the star color of autumn, this is not the only reason to choose it to decorate the room. Borrowed from tree trunks, soil, materials and natural fibers, this brown shade brings us back above all to the sources, where we put the worries aside to breathe at full lungs. So yes, we do not hesitate to choose a woven resin bed, one or two plaids in the color of chestnuts by combining all of beige at will.

Moss green

Fly ### Let's take a walk in the woods… Since the walks in the forests are seasonal, why not take inspiration from them to decorate the walls of the bedroom? Before the moss of the trees disappears completely under a carpet of dead leaves, we take their soft green color to cover the walls and soften the room.

Violet, soft and discreet

Fly ### Chicory, lavender, anemone or blueberry: the purple stripes are pretty. On the bed, this gradation of refined and feminine colors bathes the space with delicacy and a relaxing mood. Here, you want to lie down and daydream away from the outside bustle


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