Ideas to decorate your windows

Ideas to decorate your windows

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The windows represent a significant space that can also be used for the decoration of its interior! With a few tips, you can bring an original style to the windows by dressing them. Here are 5 windows decorated in pictures.

Colorful blinds

Velux ### Whether you have classic windows or roof windows, you can choose to cover the windows with blinds. If you have several windows, do not hesitate to mix the colors to create a very decorative effect.

Stickers for the child's room

Nouvelles Images ### In children's rooms, we put on a very playful decoration! For this, we choose colorful and funny stickers. You will find balloons, animals and even planes to install on the windows.

Modern stained glass

Reflectiv ### To decorate the windows, you can also use transparent colored films. You can then create modern stained glass windows by multiplying the colored squares but also cover the entire window for a colorful style.

Personalized Japanese signs

Personal Trend ### Finally, know that the Japanese panels will make the window disappear in your decor. There are panels to personalize with the photo of your choice to offer you a whole new landscape as a window.