10 country-style gardens

10 country-style gardens

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Long considered old-fashioned, the country style has made a comeback in recent years. These days, everyone wants to rediscover their values. In decoration, what does it give? Rustic, natural, simple, family ...

Little corner of the sun

Alinéa It's aperitif time, we take out a lemonade and a few drinks and off we go. We appreciate the simple and familiar side of the thing. We then combine the country decor spirit and the idleness lifestyle that goes well with.

Thinking about protecting yourself

Alinéa Often synonymous with a large family, the weekend in the countryside welcomes grandparents, toddlers and in-laws. To invite all these little people safely, we offer something to protect each of the guests.

Diverted wheelbarrow

DR Very fashionable, the garden-style wheelbarrow is our favorite. Soil, a few seeds and voila. Place it in the middle of the garden to entertain your neighbors.

Family armchair

Ikéa The old armchairs find a new youth with a touch of paint. For comfort we add an outdoor cushion and a plaid, to laze quietly.

Lunch in peace

Ikéa If you want quiet conversations between adults, the picnic table is the solution. We have all the children around, a little further. After the meal, they will play in the trees, without disturbing you.


Ikéa After lunch, we settle in the garden furniture for a coffee or a last snack. In the shade preferably thanks to an arbor, we appreciate its simple but effective side.

Little piece of heaven

Ikéa With a table and some chairs in painted wood, we create in a clearing a real corner of paradise. Lounge for confidences with friends, place for young children to have adventures or romantic lunch, anything is possible!

Lovers in the countryside

Maison du monde The bench for two also exists in a rustic version and that's good. Made of natural wood and simple to cut, it will appeal to couples of all ages.

Outdoor lounge

Maison du monde It is not because we have chosen a country or rustic style that we should give up comfort. You can invest in a nice rattan lounge, to feel good and in touch with nature.


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