A beautiful outdoor table

A beautiful outdoor table

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Do you need ideas to enhance the garden table decor? Don't panic, we've put together a selection of little tricks that will soon make the difference! We let you discover all this in pictures…

Exotic accessories

Maisons du Monde So that exoticism comes to you, bet on tropical accessories on the decoration of the garden table. Here, it is coconut shells that will serve as a plate. Do you like the idea?

A decorative basket

Delamaison You have found an old basket on a flea market and you do not know how to use it? Why not put it nicely on the garden table? It will welcome your bouquets of fresh flowers or lunch dishes.

Colorful dishes

Paragraph To make sure that the mood is good at lunchtime, bet on a multicolored table where conviviality reigns. For this, do not hesitate to mismatch dishes in bright colors. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple ... the rainbow invites itself into the decor of the garden.

Pop lanterns

Maisons du Monde We love the colorful and pop atmosphere on which this garden has bet. The most decorative to reproduce: dare two large lanterns in Asian style in flashy colors to bring good humor to the table.

Natural placemats

Spoiler Favorite for these large braided placemats that bring a soft natural atmosphere to the table. It only remains to deposit white dishes with contemporary lines to be on top of the trend.

Pink in small touches

Delamaison Do not hesitate to go on a very specific color to decorate your table. Here, pink has been declined in a flashy version for the vase, more girly for the glasses and very soft on the tablecloth. We love !

Decorative vases

Maisons du Monde Do you like contemporary style and would you like to introduce it to your garden table decor? Easy with these white vases with sober lines that blend perfectly with the decor

A trendy Jeanne lady

Maisons du Monde Lady Jeanne invites herself to the garden! We adopt it without further delay on the table to transform it into a pretty vase or even into a lamp by sliding a light garland into it. Original, right?

Lanterns to sublimate the sky

Maisons du Monde Finally, also consider sublimating the top of your table. Hang the taverns from the taverns around as well as colorful lanterns for a subdued and fun atmosphere.