Create a bar area in the house

Create a bar area in the house

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If you like to meet up with your friends around the aperitif, you will no doubt appreciate a bar area in your interior. Rather than finding yourself at the corner bar, prefer the conviviality of the house by setting up a bar in your room. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A bar to separate the living room and the kitchen

Aviva ### Be aware that the bar can allow you to delimit the kitchen area from the lounge area. For that bet on a bar which leaves from the kitchen to close the space. The bar is thus installed as an extension of the wall to create a convivial space.

A bar around the central island

Ikea ### Note that you can also install the bar area around the central island of the bistro-style kitchen. Then opt for high stools that will allow everyone to gather around the worktop.

A real bar in the lounge

Maisons du monde ### If you really want to materialize the bar, you can opt for a bar cabinet that can be installed in the kitchen as well as in the living room. The advantage of this piece of furniture is that it allows you to store your bottles inside it like a real coffee.

A bar area in a studio

Fly ### Finally, if you live in a studio, do not deprive yourself of a bar area! For this, opt for a small high table to which you will add high stools. You can also use the table for meals.


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