I adopt a terrestrial globe in my decor

I adopt a terrestrial globe in my decor

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Geography lessons in the house! For some time now, terrestrial globes have made a remarkable appearance in our interiors as real decorative elements. Simply placed on the desk, highlighted in a library or installed as a collection, they sublimate the decor. Full headlight on the decorative object to adopt urgently.

On the desk of the little bits

Children dream of travel and adventure on the other side of the planet. To make them dream at every moment of the day, we install on their desk a small but nevertheless very pretty world map that seems suspended in the air.

And on that of the teenagers

Your teenagers too may need a globe in their room to review the exams for the certificate or the baccalaureate. To help them, we think of offering them a large model, preferably bright for the little extra decorative touch.

On the coffee table in the living room

It is not always easy to choose the decorative elements that will adorn the coffee table in the living room. We like the idea of ​​depositing a very small globe for the exotic touch.

Ancient globes

Notice to collectors of ancient globes, don't be afraid to expose them to everyone's sight! Sure, more than one of your guests will be speechless when you see them!

In black version

So that your children are interested in geography, choose a globe for their room that does not use the usual colors. Here, the seas are black and the continents yellow and blue

In the entrance

What a good idea to install a terrestrial globe on the buffet at the entrance! So every time you walk through the door, you will feel like you are going thousands of miles from home!

In the large office

In the parental office, the globe is discreet. We choose it placed on a transparent base to give it a design style in perfect harmony with the glass desk top.

In the old library

You have a magnificent old library, but you do not know which decorative objects to slip into it? We have thought of ancient looking terrestrial globes that bring a real dose of authenticity.

Play the accumulation

Finally, do not be afraid to play the accumulation with the globes. They are preferably chosen old, of different sizes and colors to create a truly original decor. We will have to get up early on Sunday to find them! More pics


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