10 inspirations for a Provencal bedroom

10 inspirations for a Provencal bedroom

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A little sweetness of life! Provence reminds us of the holidays, the nap under the olive trees and the song of the cicadas. If you want to extend this idleness, we suggest you give it a makeover or bring a few touches to your house - and in particular your bedroom - so that it breathes in the south. Take example from these 10 atmospheres that smell of lavender.

Shimmering colors

Julien Paintings We pass a section of wall in ocher, pink or nasturtium red a little past, emblematic of the quarries of the Luberon. We are also thinking of repainting our woodwork, doors and windows, to complete the look and make a reminder. The most here? The wrought iron bed which contrasts with the softness of the solid color.

Authentic materials

Goal Because yes, for a Provencal style, it is important to bet on natural and raw materials - we mentioned iron previously. The walls are then adorned with local stone and light wood furniture. On the ground, favor the paving in terracotta or glazed porcelain stoneware or even pretty tiles.

The south by colors

Maisons du Monde Provence is also evoked thanks to the mauve and tender green, reminiscent of lavender and olive respectively. But you can without hesitation directly use the natural branches. On this headboard, the olive branches play the deco play and accessorize the room with a lot of originality.

Flowery patterns

Zara Home And for a bedroom, always in the flavors of the south, we swap lavender or olive for bed linen with a floral print, in ocher and purple tones. We love the wrought iron, very present in this piece but also the majestic stone pot, which gives it a classic and sophisticated style.

Furniture that lasts

Cosi The Provencal style is, by extension, a distant version of the classic style. The rooms and furniture should preferably be original to suggest the charm of old family houses. Which makes him one of the equally timeless decorative trends. We simply modernize the whole with a touch of color.

A typical bed linen

Souleiado We use and abuse Provencal patterns and traditional textiles on our sets. You find all colors and with different finishes each time. We obviously invest in the recommended tones - blue not yet mentioned as a starting point.

A touch of vermilion

De Tonge In this room, we highlight the beige sand atmosphere with oak furniture painted and patinated in the warm colors of Provence. Trend Roussillon, the piece is a tribute to the art of southern living.

Revisited style

AM PM For a more modern bedroom, keep the flagship colors but combine them with more contemporary or industrial furniture. We then accessorize with objects from the region. And we bring the final touch with this little olive tree in the corner of the room.

A master bedroom with character

Furniture universe The look is almost complete. The bed is in wrought iron, the blue and white linen, the trendy decorative accessories. An old family dresser stands proudly in the room. This room is a very personal representation of the Provencal style. We take note.