Japanese atmosphere in the room

Japanese atmosphere in the room

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If you dream of a room that transports you to the Empire of the Rising Sun, not in the heart of the urban bustle but rather in the heights of the archipelago, surrounded by nature, here are 5 keys to concoct a real decor japonisant. Make way for poetry, well-being and naturalness…

Patterns of flowers and plants

Goal ### In Japan on Mount Fuji, cherry trees bloom in spring. In the bedroom, they bloom even in autumn, on the bed linen and on the fabrics covering the walls, to bring us softness and comfort. No, we never tire of summoning the natural spirit with patterns of flowers and plants to transform the room into a real haven of peace!

Bamboo furniture

Goal ### Like Japanese interiors, we in turn adopt bamboo furniture, from the four-poster bed to the bedside tables, including the stool, lanterns or wardrobe! With linen and light bed veils in soft, neutral shades such as white, cream or taupe, harmony takes over. Difficult to deny it, there is like a taste of travel in the air…

A natural note

Fly ### Don't underestimate the bucolic power! Here, all it takes is a simple branch of cherry tree to bring serenity into the room as if by magic ... It is not for nothing if this tree is the very symbol of Japan! Note that orchid flowers or a bonsai will also have an effect on the decor. Delicacy, refinement and subtlety at stake.

Soft lighting

Goal ### Creating a Zen and relaxing atmosphere also requires soft lighting. Rice paper lights from Japan are therefore welcome, but other models are allowed, as long as the lighting is dimmed. This is the case of this room, gently lit by a light, all-round suspension made of hemp rope.


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