The kitchen bar: layout ideas

The kitchen bar: layout ideas

It's decided, we push back the walls: American cuisine invites itself to your home for more comfort and pleasure. Chatting with friends on high stools while preparing an aperitif or a meal is possible. Long live the friendly evenings! All kitchen design ideas.

Loft spirit

Leroy Merlin Modern and bright, this American cuisine makes you want to simmer small dishes. The white tones associated with the metallic gray punctuate a refined space with the look of a loft. The red color of the accessories (high chairs, suspensions, vase ...) warms this set by bringing it a design touch.

A tablet that extends

Leroy Merlin With a central island, this kitchen did not have a bar allowing friends to take a seat while the meal was being prepared. Yes, the use of the imperfect is well justified. In the blink of an eye, a tablet extends the central island: a bar corner appears as if by magic! In order not to clutter the space on days when you are alone at home, you remove the tablet pending future visits. Here is a solution that is perfect for small spaces…

For large spaces

Leroy Merlin An open kitchen is a kitchen that breathes. This clear and airy space is proof of this. His secret? An L-shaped structure within which we move freely. The interplay of the cherry color and the white offers a harmonious and smooth result. The bar is not only suitable for small areas: large spaces are happy to adopt it for the refined style it creates.

A laminated wooden bar

Leroy Merlin On a dominant of "metal" colors punctuated by greenery, this kitchen in silver laminated wood cultivates a sober and design spirit. Straight lines draw a work plan that extends into a bar. The rendering is aesthetic and very modern. Here, we like to cook facing the living room or the dining room. At your stove!

A swivel bar

Leroy Merlin What we like about this kitchen: the clever idea of ​​a swivel bar. Mounted on casters, this bar can be stored on the buffet to optimize space saving and opens at will to accommodate guests. Discreet and ultra practical!

Right angle

Leroy Merlin Original the layout of the bar in this kitchen which forms a right angle with a large table for taking meals. The latter then mainly serves as a space for cooking!

At the end of the island

Schmidt So that the central island and the bar become one in the kitchen, opt for a huge work plan that leaves space at the end to slide its legs. Ideal for breakfast!

A small bar area

Ikea If you do not have the space to install a large bar in the kitchen, play the card of extending the worktop. Remove the corner unit and slide two high chairs. Practical, right?

A large bar table

Schmidt So that the island space of the dining area is well defined, we dare different materials and colors. Here, the bar plays with blond wood and takes place next to the bright red low furniture.

A bar that surrounds the furniture

Schmidt We love the bar which wraps the low furniture of this kitchen slightly. So, arranged, your little blond heads can settle in front of you when you go to prepare the meal.

A bar tablet

Leroy Merlin Another idea for arranging the bar in the kitchen: fix a large and wide shelf along the entire length of the wall. All you have to do is get a few high stools.

A tablet along the bar

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, we love the idea of ​​the tray of the central island which overflows to create a bar area over the entire length. You can install up to four seats useful when you receive people.

A double function bar

Perene In a kitchen that aims to be friendly and warm, we adopt without delay this rounded bar that combines a space to sit down and another to store everything. Elegant, practical, it makes us fall in love!

A folding bar

Leroy Merlin To save space in a small kitchen, we install this bar without hesitation, which folds up once the meals are finished. You can also use it as a work plan if you lack space.