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The kitchen is dressed in feminine colors

The kitchen is dressed in feminine colors

For you ladies, here is a selection of very stylish and handpicked kitchens. On the program: purple, red or pink furniture, walls or accessories. In short, a palette of funny feminine shades that make us fall in love.

A vitamin pink / red on the walls

Paragraph ### Here is a cuisine that combines femininity and tone! Its secret remains in the color of the walls: a pink / red shade reminiscent of summer watermelons. Everything is fresh and vitamin-rich, an ideal atmosphere to get active and indulge in the preparation of small dishes…

Lilac-colored furniture

Schmidt ### With its little spring air punctuated in the color of lilacs, this kitchen is bright, soft and poetic. We want to settle there with friends, cook small dishes in a very cheerful atmosphere and taste some delicacies ... Favorite!

Cherry red kitchen furniture

Goal ### Here is a cuisine that does not lack notch. With cherry-colored lacquered furniture, it charms us and invites us to the pleasure of cooking. It is said. Who can resist this glamorous red?

Candy pink

Fly ### In the kitchen, a few sweet pink notes are enough to reveal a gourmet and feminine universe. In this kitchen, it is won thanks to the wall and the berlingot-colored shelf, itself topped with decorative letters, pretty boxes and a few books just make us crack. Without forgetting these few pale pink or fuchsia accessories here and there, a nod to this girly decor proudly assumed.

Luxurious roses

Lapeyre ### The color palette of this kitchen is worthy of the greatest fashionistas! The furniture is black, white and rhubarb pink and the walls pearl pink, a mixture of elegance and delicacy to which one inevitably succumbs! The most decorative? Trendy pink and purple utensils that are maliciously noticed on the credenza and on the worktop. Because in a feminine setting, every detail counts.

Lavender color on the walls

Lapeyre ### No risk taking in this kitchen. Here, the furniture remains sober and modern with classic colors: white, black and metallic gray. Only the walls and the side table added to the central island proudly display the purple color of lavender, a choice that underlines the character of the room and its elegant femininity.

Glamorous red furniture

Paragraph ### By betting on bright red lacquered furniture, the kitchen can only assert its feminine and glamorous inclination. We melt for this pretty kitchen!

Pink polka dots on the walls

Ikéa ### Who does not let himself be charmed by the kitchen of this studio whose walls have been covered with wallpaper with pink polka dots? A bias that fills the space with poetry and sweetness. Perfectly feminine!

Purple walls

Goal ### The flashy purple color of the walls is daring but subtle! It highlights the black furniture in the kitchen which, without it, would have given way to a very sober atmosphere. Now, the room where you simmer small dishes seems sparkling and full of life.