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10 tips for the office

10 tips for the office

Whether he has the right to his own room or that it is slid between two living spaces, the office also has the right to its decoration. The chair, the storage, the worktop ... we think of everything and we do it in style!


Alinéa More suited to the work of creatives than to that of accountants, you can pin photographs on your wall of inspiration like the Pinterest social network. Accountants also have the right to dream with travel or family photos, for example.

Just right

Alinéa To work, you don't really need much: a desk, a chair, a computer and your skills! With a small budget or a small space we can still make an office worthy of the name.

In height

Ikéa Convenient to classify its customers, its orders and its deliveries: we put on a row of binders and files which are as if suspended above the desk. We leave them close at hand so as not to waste time and they even become part of the decor.

Under the stairs

Ikéa If you run out of space but want to create a workspace, don't panic. Under the stairs you can easily place a table, a chair and some clever storage for a home office.

A genius, a light

Ikéa To feel the soul of a genius, or a light, nothing like standing in front of it. You make a maximum of it on your work plan and at the same time save on the electricity bill.

Storage space

Ikéa If you work at home, your office can sometimes accommodate guests or collaborators. To avoid it looking like a shambles, bet on storage. You will be able to classify, sort and quietly store behind large white doors.

A unique piece of furniture

The redoubt With this piece of furniture, you do it all in one: work plan, bookcase, storage ... Its simple but elegant design will adapt to all styles.

At home

Maison du monde If you place your desk in an entrance or a small room, add a mirror on the wall. The latter will enlarge the space by a trompe-l'oeil effect and you will gain in working capacity.

The chair

Maison du monde Chair or armchair, it depends on individual tastes. Despite everything, think about buying it, that you will spend long days there and that it is the office furniture in which you should invest.