Lounge spirit in the garden

Lounge spirit in the garden

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You, what you like in hotels, it is this particular atmosphere which allows to stop time. In fact, this feeling, you owe it to a lounge atmosphere typical of bars and hotels that can also be found in outdoor spaces. So for a garden with a lounge spirit that never fails to invite you to relax at home, we follow the guide!

A highly design terrace

Leroy Merlin In hotels, design is often pushed to the limit. On your terrace, you can do the same by adopting furniture with bold lines like this hanging lounger. In terms of accessories, also take care of your equipment with light pots and auxiliary heaters.

Exceptional furniture

Maisons du monde More than designer furniture, do not hesitate to turn to exceptional pieces worthy of the biggest hotels such as this round cocoon sofa and its solar sheer that will offer you protection and privacy.

Stylish sunbathing

Maisons du monde At the edge of hotel pools, there is no question of putting your towel on a simple deckchair. Rather, we focus on absolute comfort with sun loungers provided with comfortable mattresses and trendy colors.

Sunbathing for two

Maisons du monde And in the private terraces of the best suites, you can completely imagine these canopy-style sun loungers so that you can enjoy sunny weather to the sound of lounge music. The good news is that it works for you too.

Armchairs dedicated to relaxation

Maisons du monde For a lounge atmosphere in your garden or on the terrace, think of round lines that offer a very relaxing spirit while being on top of the trend. In red and black, we choose the design option!

A canopy-style sofa

Maisons du monde And to spend a moment of relaxation without having to worry about the sun, we choose a garden furniture like a canopy which presents an ideal curtain to allow you to take a nap in peace.

Absolute comfort

Ikea What would a lounge atmosphere be without the comfort worthy of the name? So play the trendy and comfortable card by adding accessories to each piece of furniture in the garden. Thus, a simple outdoor sofa is adorned with cushions to invite you to relax.

A complete salon

Ikea On this terrace, all the comfort of the interior is found outside. Sofa, armchairs, carpet… The atmosphere is in relaxation mode and emphasizes comfort. Only one server would be missing for refreshments.

A chic style

Ikea Finally, think of the decoration of hotels to inspire you and leave nothing to chance. Choose a color code carefully and have decorative accessories on the table such as a fruit basket or flowers.