Create a small living room in a bedroom

Create a small living room in a bedroom

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When you have a good sized bedroom, it is always very pleasant to have a small sitting area where you can sit to read or relax. Here are some tips for creating your living room space in your bedroom.

A TV space

Leroy Merlin ### If you want to install a television in your room, it is better to devote a real space to it to avoid insomnia. To do this, place an armchair in front of the television and materialize the space with a carpet.

A breakfast lounge

Fly ### If you like to have your breakfasts quiet in your room without staying in bed, choose an armchair and beanbags that you will install around a coffee table. Again delimit the space with a carpet.

A real delimited lounge

Ikea ### If your room has a nice size, you will be able to create a real TV space. To do this, place sofas back to the bed to define the space and create the living room. It will then be a real parental suite.

A work space lounge

Yves Delorme ### To settle into your workspace at the slightest opportunity, create a fairly classic living room in your bedroom, moving as far away from the bed as possible. You can then have a bench and a small table.


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