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Teen's favorite rugs

Teen's favorite rugs

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In search of trendy rugs for teens, we have selected 5 very trendy young models at Fly. They are rebellious, graphic, flashy and embody the palette of their tastes and influences. Slideshow.


Fly ### "Hush ... I'm listening to the silence". This is the ironic message that this little square rug sends us. At an age when you no longer do without headphones to play your favorite tubes in a loop, it's hard not to fall for this gray model decorated with an imposing orange headset!

Game over

Fly ### Fans of Playstation, Wii or Nintendo DS, teenagers should have a crush on this "Game Over" rug. A little decorative nod to their great mastery of joysticks and video games…


Fly ### The carpet is celebrating! Its all round appearance and its composition in tufted wool softly covers the floor while its multicolored mosaic effect look boosts the atmosphere of the teenage bedroom as it should be! The right balance.

English scriptures

Fly ### If the first English lessons did not necessarily wow them, the language of Shakespeare remains very trendy among 12 - 17 year olds, starting with their favorite radio hits or with the writing on their clothes… or their decor! Here, it is the carpet which was won by a sentence in English flashy version. Everything to please them!