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Panorama of funny fun credenzas

Panorama of funny fun credenzas

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Want to bring a touch of fantasy into the kitchen? Here is a selection of credenzas like no other which give it a playful air that is difficult to resist!

A glass credenza to personalize yourself

Leroy Merlin ### The smart idea of ​​this kitchen is to have opted for this glass splashback behind which we slide his favorite photos, patterned papers and even drawings, postcards and other prints that hold us to heart. A fun way to customize the kitchen so that it looks like us 100%.

Whimsical tiles

Paragraph ### On the credenza painted in blue, a few playful tiles wander happily. They are plain in ink blue or meadow green color, they are decorated with the motif of a lizard or a tree leaf, or make up a mini checkerboard. An original and offbeat choice to energize the kitchen!

A chalkboard credenza for writing with chalk

Goal ### Another example of a credenza on which we write, but this time, it is with chalk that we note recipes and memos. Fun, but above all very practical!

Trompe l'oeil stickers

Paragraph ### A saucepan, a microwave, a colander, a scale. All these pretty people land on the splashback in the form of adhesive to liven it up with a touch of humor. Simple, cheap and very decorative!


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