Manufacturing secret: Tolix, manufacturer of metal furniture

Manufacturing secret: Tolix, manufacturer of metal furniture

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Created and manufactured in France for several decades, Tolix furniture testifies to a recognized expertise and legitimacy in the world of decoration and design. Furniture and objects are valued values ​​appreciated for their sharp and stylish design, their manufacturing quality and their timelessness. Embodying the modern style of the 30s and 50s, discover the secrets of the famous A chair, classic furniture from French heritage.

Cutting and stamping

Tolix Each sheet is cut to obtain the shapes of the seat, legs and backrest and are then shaped to give them the desired shape using a press. Once the elements of the chair are formed, the sheet is stamped and bent thanks to a unique manual and artisanal know-how, of which only the brand has the secret.


Tolix Once each piece of metal is adjusted to the desired shape, they are assembled. The seat and various elements of the chair are assembled by spot welding.


Tolix Some parts such as the bottom braces and the spacer are then assembled by a process, brazing using a brazed copper rod, heated with a torch.

Grinding and brushing

Tolix Between each intervention, the A chair taking shape is ground, brushed, in order to perfect its finish, avoid any cuts and give it a smooth, soft and unique appearance.

Dry cleaning

Tolix After being brushed and ground, the chair is then degreased in a large washing machine.

Second brushing

Tolix Installed on a line and suspended using hooks, at this stage, the metal furniture can no longer be touched with bare hands. Once brushed at the seat and back to give it a unique style. A vacuum cleaner then sucks up the last dust and the chair is placed in an epoxy paint booth.


Tolix A painter then comes to spray on the chair an epoxy powder of varnish or paint. By ionization, the paint arises and attaches naturally to the metal.


Tolix The chair is finally placed in an oven for about half an hour at 200 degrees.

Chair A: an icon of industrial aesthetics

Tolix Incarnation of the modern style of the 30s and 50s, the A chair stood out for its rock-solid solidity and its great lightness thanks to an exceptional flavor and mastery of galvanized metal.