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The patterns stand in check

The patterns stand in check

Tiles have a good life. After being brought up to date by the designers, those who once decorated our grandparents' kitchen textiles are now everywhere in the house: on the walls, on the bed, on the sofa, on the floor. In our turn, we say yes to this trend, all checkered, a bit retro. You can choose from the traditional Vichy tiles or the hardcore Scottish tiles!

On the fireside chairs

Fly ### Head for elegance and femininity! In this living room, the Scottish tiles make the dark gray sing on two of the lounge chairs, before raising the whole with a pretty fuchsia pink note. Like what, the traditional grid covering can be ultra trendy, especially when its colors recall other strong elements of the decor…

On the wallpaper

Ikea ### Lovers of retro interiors and those who are nostalgic for the decorations of yesteryear should love this wallpaper. And for good reason ! What could be more classic and more effective than Vichy tiles to go back in time?

On the cushions

Fly ### The cushion here has stitched the Scottish motif, made it sparkle in bright colors predominantly red, to settle quietly on the sofa. The idea? Give some pep to the lounge area, a little too wise.

On the carpet

Ikéa ### The floor does not ignore the Vichy trend. With a large carpet decorated with tiles made famous by Brigitte Bardot's wedding dress, the room gains momentum. Do not hesitate to marry the tiles with other patterns, like here, with a floral curtain! The result will be all the more daring.