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10 Ways To Use Terracotta And Raw Earth Under Construction

10 Ways To Use Terracotta And Raw Earth Under Construction

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For thousands of years, men have used the earth in the field of construction. It consists of gravel, sand and clay. Unlike terracotta, raw clay undergoes very little transformation as a building material, as its name suggests, it is for example not cooked.

Monumental construction

Adobe construction In hot countries, many constructions are carried out using raw earth. In Yemen, these buildings in the city of Shib

In the entrance

Hepoc Raw earth, a noble material, has great qualities: moisture absorption capacity, thermal insulation, natural aesthetics… We can therefore imagine using it very well in the entrance, to combat the temperature differences between interior and outside.

On the ground

Hepoc Quality material and decoration combine here with pretty raw earth tiles that integrate directly into the ground. In frieze or in threes, they enliven the room.

On the roof

Vegetalizers Terracotta, which is used more in Europe than raw earth, also has very good thermal insulation capacities. This is also why we find many in the form of roof tiles.


Maison terre Who says ecological material does not always imply a decoration of traditional style. Here we break the codes with large bay windows and a very contemporary design in this house made of terracotta.

Fair grounds

Maison blog To put movement in the living room, we don't hesitate to play with colors. The terracotta is dyed according to your tastes. You can then choose two or three colors to vary the pleasures.

Traditional tomette

Maison blog The terracotta floor tiles have come back in force in recent years. It is part of a fashion where everyone wants to find their roots and highlight the past. We then combine it with contemporary furniture to play down the traditional effect.

Al Mudhar Mosque

Panoramio Still in Yemen, this 53-meter-high mosque is the country's tallest construction in earth and mud. Built in 1914 and named in honor of a Muslim leader of the city of Tarim in the 15th century, it is the pride of its inhabitants.

From the ground to the ceiling

Real time Here nothing escapes the terracotta: the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the roof and even the front door. Inalterable over time, this house is part of an ecological approach. A real example of healthy construction!


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