Lime and plaster a healthy choice for a healthy home

Lime and plaster a healthy choice for a healthy home

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Both plaster and lime are materials that have significant natural properties for a home. Besides, its aesthetic aspects, they protect and enhance by bringing an extra soul to your home. Both healthy for the health and the environment, they are compatible on many supports and are available from floor to ceiling through walls.

Lime slab

DR The lime slab is used as a floor covering for homes. Indoors or outdoors, it is micro porous and lets moisture through, so it is best to place it on perfectly dry soil, without rising water.

Lime, a natural coating

Castorama Lime is perfectly suitable for damp rooms, provided that it is waxed. Washable, easy to clean and thus water resistant. Its waxed coating finish can be created in just a few hours.

Lime paint

Maison Déco Lime paint brings a cozy and elegant style to your walls. Letting the walls breathe, it is adorned with deep and intense colors to dress your walls naturally.

A plaster rosette

The ceiling is dressed in rose window as in the old days. To do this, call on a professional who will make it in plaster. Associated with cornices, it enhances your interior by bringing it cachet.

Cut down a facade with lime

Fleur de Chaux It is possible to renovate an exterior facade with lime. Not only will you give it an irresistible charm, but resistant to any test, it will let the walls breathe while allowing moisture to escape.

Plaster staircase

Platerie Brun Plaster is a fireproof construction material. It has very good thermal insulation, partly due to the porous structure.

Plaster partitions

Plasterwork Brown For several centuries, plaster has been used in construction. It offers great flexibility for exceptional maneuverability.