10 designer shower screens for the bathroom

10 designer shower screens for the bathroom

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Whether you choose a walk-in shower or a classic shower, the shower screen is always very practical to avoid putting water in the whole bathroom but also to preserve your privacy. Zoom on the shower screens that enhance your bathroom with their design.

A patterned wall

Lapeyre ### To bring a very decorative touch to the shower, you can choose a wall that has patterns integrated into the glass. Here, the arabesques bring a very graphic side to the shower screen and have the effect of "softening" the raw materials of the entire bathroom.

A wall to preserve your privacy

Lapeyre ### To give you a little more privacy, you will find shower screens that have a slightly opaque part in their center to hide your body. Both decorative and practical, this motif seems to float in the bathroom.

A shower screen as a partition

lapeyre ### If you have a walk-in shower, you may want to delimit the space without closing it. Then opt for a wall that you will place facing the shower to allow free access to each side of it. Design spirit guaranteed!

A practical shower screen

Lapeyre ### This shower screen will not only preserve your privacy thanks to its opaque lower part but it will also allow you to put down your towel, before showering, thanks to a bar fixed on the wall. So your towel will not take on water!

A colorful shower screen

Espace Aubade ### If you don't want the shower screen to disappear from your sight, you can choose a model with a colored glass! With a slightly bluish glass evoking water, you will bring a very Zen atmosphere in your bathroom.

A bright shower screen

Espace Aubade ### For a style that is both design and original, we put on this wall which integrates LEDs in the glass. The XXL wall then presents a very graphic pattern thanks to the LEDs which are sure to create a very designer atmosphere in your bathroom.

A shower screen like a door

Espace Aubade ### If your shower is in a recess, you can choose a shower screen that will actually serve as a door. Then bet on a very refined glass wall so as not to feel trapped in the shower.

A glass brick shower screen

Leroy Merlin ### For an original style, you can bet on a shower screen made from glass bricks. Know that there are several colors to meet your decorating expectations! And the glass bricks adapt to almost any configuration.

A multiple shower screen

Monsieur Bricolage ### To close your shower, you can choose a transparent wall on two sides and bet on a glass brick wall on the third side to preserve your privacy. Your shower will be unique!